Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Minutes of Meeting

Dear Comrades,

A General Body meeting was held in the Zonal Headquarters on 11.05.2016 during the lunch hours. The Minutes of the meeting can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

Further, as decided by the members and body, the rate of subscription for the membership is revised to Rs. 40/- per month and to be deducted in lump sum on yearly basis. The subscription form can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

The local body viz nominated Vice President & Assistant General Secretary of Customs (Prev) Commissionerate Amritsar, Customs Commissionerate Ludhiana, Central Excise Commissionerate, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Jammu & Kashmir, are hereby authorized to sign the Subscription form for General Secretary and forward this to jurisdictional DDOs. A copy of forwarding letter to DDOs can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE

Yours faithfully,

Ram Lalit
General Secretary

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Dear Comrades,

               As I conveyed in my earlier Message, the submissions made by the Association to The Joint Secretary (Admin) with respect to the promotion against additional vacancies, created under Cadre Restructuring 2013 is as under:-

          Further, the Association also requested to the Chairman for an appointment to discuss the matters shown in the letter:-

          Assurance from Senior officers at Board level is granted to rectify the mistake in the letter dated 17.09.2015 and fresh clarification may be granted.

Yours' Comradely,


Ram Lalit
General Secretary

Monday, 11 April 2016


Dear Comrades,
          I alongwith the National President Sh. Ashim Pramanik and Secretary General Sh. Shankar Kumar Saha had been in Delhi during the last week.  We took stalk of the status of various issues and pursued them at the concerned levels of CBEC.  The issues are as under:
1.    Much delayed promotion to Chief Accounts Officer (CAO).
2.    One Time Relaxation for promotion to Administrative Officer, Inspector & Senior Tax Assistant.
3.    Promotion against newly created posts on the basis of the existing Recruitment Rules.
4.    Counting of the length of service of Sepoy as qualifying service in the post of Havaldar for the purpose of promotion of LDC to the post of TA.
5.    Notification of the Recruitment Rules of Executive Assistant (EA) at variance with that of CBDT.
6.    Recruitment Rules and Seniority List of Administrative Officer.
7.    Revision of Pay and assignment of up-graded Pay structure in the wake of implementation of 7th Pay Commission.

The developments on certain issues were positive, whereas, on certain other issues it was not so bright.  We followed up everything and met the Senior Officers to expedite them.  Details are being placed in our subsequent message.

On organizational front we decided to firm up our ties with CoC.  Though we could not take part in the CoC meeting held on 28.03.2016 for an unavoidable reasons, our President was in constant touch with the CoC leadership.  It was felt that issues relating to up-gradation of Pay can be better pursued from a bigger platform like CoC [A Committee consisting all Association of CBEC and CBDT(Minutes of the CoC meeting held on 28.03.2016 is linked herewith).

We also finally took a call to go for judicial redressal on the disparity of the Recruitment Rules of Executive Assistant with that of CBDT.  I along with some Comrades of Delhi Unit will finalize the netegrity in due time and as early as possible.

I am sure that you will be keen to know on the developments to your career advancement.  But right now I don’t have the finished product for you on my way back from Delhi.  But we will take all practicable and possible steps.
     Looking forward to interact you through my next message.  

Yours Comradely,

(Ram Lalit)

General Secretary 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Dear Comrades,

          As you are aware that most of the members of this Association are in great difficulty as most of the matters taken up with the Administration, are not being considered. We have taken up all the issues such as promotional issues. We have entered in the month of March and so far no DPC is decided by the Administrator. 

The executive body of this Association has take all necessary steps including discussion with competent authority and they are taking necessary clarification on various aspect on technical issue. 

The Board office has desired specific information from the Cadre Controlling Authorities to grant one time relaxation for the grade of Inspector (Click to See letter). 

We have been requesting the Authority for calculating the vacancies created for Chakan-da-bagh and Salamabad, in the state of J&K, way back in 2009 and which were left out in the DPC held on 21.11.2015. Also some posts created under Cost Recovery Basis in the Customs Commissionerate, Ludhiana, have not been taken care of. (Click to see letter). 

There is technical issue in calculating the eligibility criteria of service which is rendered in the grade of Sepoy. We are in touch with the authority and lets hope for the best (Click to see letter).

Rest, you know we are making efforts which is beyond our capacity. Will revert back soon, if any update is received


Ram Lalit

General Secretary


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dear Comrades,

          The Association is taking care of the points raised by the members under the points raised by you called for take up with the Principal Commissioner, Chandigarh-I (CCA).
          The points take up under JCM (See Letter) and Other points related to Ministerial Officer's  Agenda Points (See Letter). The JCM meeting was held with Principal Commissioner, Chandigarh-I on 14.01.2016 in a cordial environment and we took up and elaborated our points to them. The Minutes of the JCM meeting are yet to be received. However, we are perusing all the points raised by us with the Administration. 

          This Association took up the matter (through proper channel) with Member (P&V) which has been forwarded by the office of the Chief Commissioner (See Letter). Also we have taken up the matter with Administration to withheld the re-designation of EA so that the problem of promotion from TA to STA and STA to DOS / Inspector are not affected (See Letter). 

       We with full strength, facing the officers face to face by holding meeting with the Administration, are strongly taking up all the issues relating to promotions of all the cadres right from LDC to TA, TA to STA, STA to DOS / Inspector. We are hopeful of getting the due in due course.

          The promotion of CAO is also being looked after by us (National level Association) and a letter is received from Board Office vide letter dated 20.01.2016 (See Letter) and Annexure (See Letter) whereby some information is called from CCAs.

          As informed earlier, we have attended the Meeting at Ahemdabad and all the points which are of the main concerns of the cadres, have well been took up with National level and discussed the further course to be taken up which shall be followed as per instructions received from National level Association.

(Ram Lalit)
General Secretary

Monday, 25 January 2016

Happy 67th Republic Day

Dear Comrades,

          We wish you a very Happy 67th Republic Day to all the members. We must extend our support for the peace and harmony in the nation along with continue to provide our services in generating Revenue for the nation development.....

          Saluting all great men who contributed in building a successful constitution. Warm wishes on the republic day.

Vandey Materam

Jai Hind

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Dear Comrades,

           A general body meeting was held at Zonal headquarters, Chandigarh on 08.01.2016 to discuss the issue relating to the Ministerial Cadres. The points were called from all the Commissionerates and the main points highlighted by the members are taken in to consideration and the following action is taken:-

          Points taken up with the Principal Commissioner, Central Excise Commissionerate, Chandigarh-I for the proposed JCM meeting on 14.01.2016:-

(1) Posting of TAs in place other than the Administrative work such as in Tech, CAT & CERA seats.

(2) Joining process of TAs on provisional basis after receipt of Dossiers for CGL - 2014.

(3) Delay in issue of Confirmation orders.

(4) DPC Model Calendar not being followed:

          Points which do not cover under JCM but pertains to the other cadres of Ministerial Association, have also been taken up with the Principal Commissioner, Central Excise Commissionerate, Chandigarh-I alongwith the proposed JCM meeting on 14.01.2016:-


(1) Promotion for the post of Inspectors

(2) Promotion of other Cadres

(3) Internal rotaion of staff

(4) Disclosure of minutes of all DPCs on official website.

(5) Calculation of vacancies in a transparent manner:

(6) Timely updating and uploading of Seniority list and uploading on website.


          With respect to the progress of the ongoing matters at Board level, the following progress is monitored by the undersigned:-


(1) AO to CAO:-


          The identification of missing dossiers in the Board office are being traced and a list of such is being prepared. The dedicated members of the National Federation are working there for the sake of the welfare of the cadre. But it is found from the scrutiny of records that 15 Zones have not yer sent the desired report toBoard.


(2)  DOS to AO:-


         Zones are not serious about forwarding the requisite report and thus the matter could not be taken for consideration till the reports are received by Board.

(3)  STA to Inspector:-


           A letter is written to Board by National Federation on 07.01.2016 (See Copy) whereby we have urged the Board to clarify to all CCAs to go ahead for DPCs on the basis of already accepted terms by board itself vide its earlier letter stating that the Cadre Restructuring shall be taken into account on the day when the RRs for the post is notified. In this case the RRs of Inspectors have not yet notified so all the vacancies are of pre-cadre and lets see the outcome of this.


          With respect to the Relaxation, the file shall be discussed after the allocation of TAs / Inspectors are made by Board office.

(4)  TA to STA:-


          After the publication of RRs for the post of EA, it is very difficult to get the promotions, we are in the process of writing a letter to Board office. the letter has already been drafted and awaiting for approval by President (National level) and hope that the same shall be issued in this week. 

          We are urging the Protection clause in the RRs of EA as per DoPT's OM dated 31.12.2010 and I am hopefull that we shall get this. Matter is required to be pursued regularly at Baord level.


          With respect to Relaxation, the comments have been put in file and the file shall be put up within this week.

(5)  LDC to TA:-


          The comments called by Board are placed in the file and the file shall be put up shortly.

(6)   7th CPC:-


          No update as the comments are lying with Board office and till date not forwarded to Implementation cell.


(Ram Lalit)

General Secretary